Hilton Dublin

Hilton Dublin


Charlemont Place, Dublin Southside, Dublin

Phone number

(01) 402 9988

Place rating



Review 1
Fantastic breakfast and lovely personnel. Room was not spectacular by any means. Leaky faucets, shaky WiFi. Nice house keeping. If you are unlucky, like we were, you get a room with a view of a brick wall, 10 m from a tram track.
Review 2
Not a bad hotel. Its a good 15 min walk to all the action. Gym is small- 2 treadmills and 2 ellipticals and a few small weights.
Review 3
The staff is very attentive and eager to help. The rooms are modern and clean. The only negative is how loud it can get outside but that is a minor complaint has not ruined my stay.
Review 4
When one thinks of the Hilton Brand, the thoughts that should come to mind is luxury, great customer service and bags of hospitality; well not this Hilton Hotel. I have stayed in an array of hotels all over the world, Europe, USA & Canada, The Caribbean, Dubai and the Middle East and in my 25 years this hands down has been the worst experience ever. The management were the worst, fortunately their dreadful show of good customer service did not trickle down to the front desk staff who were very kind and helpful. I obtained a voucher to stay one night free after staying at the Hilton at Parkway Bristol due to having to sleep in a room with an overwhelming stench of urine. This voucher was to restore my faith in the brand, but it did quite the reverse. Four days, a £185 phone bill, two day time managers both by the name of Paul and an absolutely useless night-time manager by the name of Sylvester to do not a miracle but to book a twin room for me and my son. They couldn't have gotten it so wrong and not once ounce of integrity between them. Peace of mind that your hotel reservation is secured allows one to enjoy the sites of their chosen destination in the knowledge that they can come back to their hotel have a nice meal and a comfortable bed, unfortunately not for me as most of two days of my visit was on the phone attempting to sort a simple booking between their Guest Service in USA, Call Centre in Manila and the hotel itself. When the hotel manger says I agree with you, you should be able to book and just come and relax in the comfort of your room rather than book and turn up when their are no rooms leaves me to believe something is seriously wrong with the infrastructure of their booking system. An absolutely pointless and dreadful experience which in my mind get the thumps down.
Review 5
Great location. Superb breakfasts. Lovely staff. Comfortable rooms. Good room rates available if you are canny.
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