Hilton Dublin Kilmainham

Hilton Dublin Kilmainham


South Circular Road, Kilmainham, Dublin

Phone number

(01) 420 1800

Place rating



Review 1
Lovely outdoor areas here. Drinks can be a bit expensive and there isn't a huge amount of gluten free options available from the menu.
Review 2
Four corners café is good for coffee before or after visiting kilmainham
Review 3
Great staff lovely food great rooms
Review 4
Great location, great service, clean rooms. What more can you ask for.
Review 5
We were satisfied with this hotel, I liked pillow and bed so my sleeping was perfect. Breakfast was little poor. Biggest problem was in wellness - cloakroom was messy as hell and in showers was missing soap in two cabins, also too much of chlorine in the pool! In this kind of hotel it is really shame. Btw, I really loved the sweet petite girl in reception, she was so kind and so beautiful! :)
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