Hilton Dublin Airport

Hilton Dublin Airport


Malahide Road, Northern Cross, Dublin Northside, Dublin

Phone number

(01) 866 1800

Place rating



Review 1
It calls itself "Hilton Dublin Airport", which I guess is accurate in one way because it's on the flightpath? The reality is it's about a ten to fifteen minute drive from the airport, depending on traffic (shuttle bus available). It's a fairly soulless place, inoffensive, reasonably comfortable, designed more for the business traveller than as a destination. That said, if you can get a good rate, it's on a direct bus route to the city centre (20 to 30 minutes depending on traffic).
Review 2
Slow WiFi during the stay. You know what to expect from Hilton anywhere. Clean and Simple rooms. Burnell Grill restaurant has a decent selection food. Nothing overly special but decent menu with good amount of choice. Place is located on the edge of Dublin, close to Airport (they also have a regular shuttle service to pick up and drop down) and if buses are your thing, its a 3 min walk to the bus stop across the road to take you into town (depending on time, will take 30 - 60 mins to get into town by bus).
Review 3
High quality hotel. WiFi a little slow. Kind and helpful personnel. Breakfast is great.
Review 4
lovely staff, handy hotel for the airport, if you want to escape from airports. if you have a flight in the morning, don't forget when checkin in to book a place on the shuttle bus - they will also do up a take away breakfast for you rooms where standard Hilton fayre
Review 5
Very big room, clean hotel. Restaurant downstairs is definitely American, but the food was good. They have a shuttle available to the airport.
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