Conrad Dublin

Conrad Dublin


Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin Southside, Dublin

Phone number

(01) 602 8900

Place rating



Review 1
Very clean very fancy hotel. Everything was wonderful here. The only thing better than the hotel itself was the staff they had working there while we stayed there. The front desk staff were very helpful with questions on where to go and how to get there. They made our stay most enjoyable.
Review 2
I liked the amenities in the room,eg expresso/coffee machine,the clock with its many function and the huge tv
Review 3
The rooms are fine and there is an interesting trouser press machine in the closet. Word of warning though, running a TV, the press, and the iron will result in a blown fuse.
Review 4
Nice stay, was under renovation when I was there so hopefully any pedantic complaints in terms of room refreshment/updates I had will be addressed by this.
Review 5
Terrific although I couldn't figure out the lights in the rooms haha
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