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A few words about Maribor and old square
Here you can look at important sights of the old town core, sip coffee and sit out in the sunshine or visit some of the small shops. You can find it in the immediate vicinity of the Old Bridge and the street Koroška cesta and it is one of the most important squares in the city centre.

A historical seal was left on this central square by the historical buildings which still surround it today: the Town Hall, Aloysius Church and Casino. In the centre of the square stands the Plague Column which the inhabitants of Maribor erected in the 17th century in memory of the plague which they survived.

Among the most interesting buildings is the one in the place of the former restaurant Koper where the first Maribor brewery was located and was owned by the Čeligi family for decades. The corner building at the beginning of the street Poštna ulica with the inscription Ludwigshof and the year 1905 was owned by the former milling family Franz who had a big mill in Melje. The mill is today owned by the company Intes. The house was decorated with apothecary motifs which in former times was the town apothecary of the known Maribor pharmacist Franc Minarik.

Changes at the square in 20th century

The eastern part of the square underwent many changes. When in the year 1913 the Old state bridge was erected a row of old houses was knocked down and wrecked architectonic harmony of the square. From the square down to the river Drava was a winding street called Dravska ulica. The remains of that street are still visible and accessible from the bridge's steps. In the year 1981 in the eastern part of the square which during the World War II. was badly destroyed a modern multi-purpose building was built. The remaining part of the square, mainly southern, is architectonically well preserved.

Market place once and today

The square Glavni trg was first mentioned in the year 1315 as Markt. With the town's growth in the 19th century it got its present day's name Hauptplatz. Lively trading activities took place here for many centuries as the square was the main market place where farmers and tradesmen sold their produce and goods right up to the World War II. Today we are arousing this old tradition. The farmer's ecological market place with its rich offers of healthy food has been allocated a place in this square.
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