Sweet chapter

Sweet chapter

Taste of her is still in my memory.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
You don't have anywhere to go for breakfast? Would you like something else good to eat in the coffee bar? Would you like a light, fresh, seasonal lunch? Would you like to buy selected Slovene wines or wines from around the world? Would you like to have a nice time in the evening and perhaps also eat something light? The right address is Rožmarin: restaurant, coffeehouse, wine-o-techque and a culinary shop.

In Rožmarin's modern, urban ambient yield to the culinary delights of fresh, seasonal and light Mediterranean food with a Štajerska touch.

On the menu
Try our corn soup with boletus, risotto with saffron, pork fillet on lentils with vegetables or one of the other dishes on our diverse bill of fare, which is changed somewhat each month. Vegetarians will be delighted for example with our couscous served with mini tomatoes, paprika and marrows, fennel ragout with oysters and bread pudding or homemade Rožmarin pasta filled with cottage cheese. You can also order bistro dishes that are irresistible, whichwe serve in the restaurant as well as in the wine-o-techque. At the end of your meal try one of our excellent desserts – would you like the homemade Rožmarin nougat with chocolate and roasted almonds? As we have a wide selection of Slovene wines and wines from around the world try a glass of two with Rožmarin’s tasty food.

For children
And we have not forgotten about our youngest guests: for them we have prepared a special offer of food, which has not been prepared byRožmarin's chefs, but their children! Rožmarin's culinary offer is also accompanied with children's entertainment in Sirček.
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